Howard Co. Fights Against ICEing

There is a new piece of legislation making its way through Howard County that would penalize ICEing. If you are an EV driver you are familiar with the term “ICE’d”. You have been ICE’d when an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) car is parked in a charging station parking spot preventing you from charging your electric vehicle.


Montgomery County has passed the first Maryland bill against ICEing on June 11, 2014. Howard County expects to follow in their steps. Council Bill 36-2014 introduced by Councilwoman Jen Terrasa will be an “Act prohibiting a person from stopping, standing, or parking a vehicle that is not a plug–in vehicle in a parking space that is designated in a certain manner for the use of plug–in vehicles and provides access to a plug–in vehicle recharging station”. Regulating charging station parking will ensure the usage of EV infrastructure, especially since many public charging stations were funded by tax payer money. Level 2 public charging stations are between $6,000 – $10,000, this investment goes to waste every time a station is ICE’d.

Howard County held a public hearing on this bill yesterday, Monday July 21st. However there is still time to voice your support. The Council is expected to vote on bill CB36 on July 25th. Please submit your support, testimony, or comments to Councilwoman Jen Terrasa or the entire Council. Here is the Howard Council contact page.