The White House is Making Moves.

UN Climate Summit 2014

Last week the United Nations Climate Summit took place where the UN’s Secretary General and other world leaders gathered to discuss the threat of climate change and various ways to combat this issue for 2015.  Each year we are seeing the carbon emissions from vehicles and factories polluting our air more and more, as well as increasing climate changes.  It is time now that leaders around the globe start taking bigger steps to actively reduce this problem.

Today, following the 2014 Climate Summit, the White House has announced its Climate Action Champions Competition that will take place here in the United States and be administered by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).  This competition is to highlight leaders and communities across the U.S. who are what we like to call- “climate leaders” and are committing to “cutting carbon pollution and preparing for the impacts of a changing climate”.

Along with being recognized as national climate leaders, other incentives for this competition include: receiving technical assistance with their current and planned actions; being assigned a coordinator “to help them leverage existing Federal programs and resources to support the implementation of their climate strategies”; and in some cases Champions will receive a preferred status- “helping them develop new approaches, identify new synergies, forge new partnerships, and surface gaps in what we know”.

Click here to read more about the competition including specific kinds of federal support winning “champions” will receive, and  how you can apply. The competition will be open until October 27, 2014.

This is a an exciting step the White House is taking to encourage communities and leaders throughout the country to highlight and share their carbon cutting and climate resilience strategies! Good luck to all!