Super Charged Super Bowl

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Did you catch this BMW i3 ad during the Super Bowl last week?

Journalists Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric marvel over the idea of a fully electric car, very much like their reaction to “the internet” in 1994. “Big ideas take some getting used to” is the message behind the hilarity. This is perhaps one of the more honest approaches to electric vehicles (EVs), as we see many consumers are reluctant to adopt such a new concept.

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Advertisements for EVs on such a large scale, during Super Bowl Sunday, help to familiarize the general public with the growing market. The fact that BMW, one of the leading luxury car manufacturers in the world, is creating fully electric vehicles goes to show that there is an expected demand amongst consumers.

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The i3 includes carbon fiber elements, something becoming increasingly more popular within EVs because of its lightweight structure. BMW also boasts that the vehicles are built within a wind-powered, carbon-neutral factory near Leipzig, Germany. Click here for a video that shows the production of the i3 from start to finish. The factory is noted as the world’s most sustainable car factory.