Formula E Race is Here!


The Forumla E Race has begun and it’s made its way to Miami! This experimental racing series for electric cars has garnered a lot of interest from Miami residents and around the world. If you’re familiar with racing, there’s a lot of drama in the repairs. This electric vehicle race derives most of its drama from keeping the battery cool and running. Due to the extreme output of energy and the need for these cars to be light, the racers have to stop in the pits every 30 minutes to switch out their cars. This dynamic creates a lot of interest to the racing—the racers not only have to be fast, they have to be energy efficient. Since they’re taking place on street tracks, the route is full of twist and turns, so there’s really a lot to think about for the racers. This competition is not for the faint of heart! However, this complicated route actually aids the batteries, because all the cars are equipped with regenerative breaking, meaning frequent breaking actually helps to keep them in the race longer. Truly, this is a skill-based race, because all the racers will be driving identical cars. Before the races began, critics were concerned that the near-silent nature of electric vehicles would make the race less exciting—they were wrong. These electric race cars are not silent. When they whip around the corner, they clock a sound as high as 80 decibels, enough to get your heart racing!














As the Formula E races continue to travel the world, hopefully they will spark some interest in EV’s. With events these exciting, there’s no doubt that they will!