Free City EV Parking

Imagine being able to own a parking space with a charging station in front of your house for free!

The City of Philadelphia passed a bill allowing EV owners to do just that! From the bill “Plug-in Vehicle Incentive” (Bill 070788, Enacted 11/1/2007) “Councilman Kenney sponsored legislation to provide homeowners who own an electric vehicle the option to apply for a designated “electric vehicle parking” space along the curbside of their property. The owner is responsible for installing and maintaining the curbside outlet under guidelines established by the Streets Department.”

The New York Times quoted one participant. “We have no regrets,” he said, despite what he said were some minor problems. “The parking space has changed our lives in terms of being able to go out to dinner, visit friends and come back to an available space and charging”(Brett E. Skolnick, 63).

This is a monumental step for legislation promoting alternative transit. So far only about 20 people have taken advantage of this program, but has led the way for other cities to create laws that help city EV owners find accessible charging.