Reuse EV Batteries to Power Buildings


General Motors Company reported that five used batteries are powering a new data center in Detroit, announced
during the 2015 Advanced Automotive Battery Conference in Detroit. This is the automaker’s first real world implementation of secondary battery use.

“GM’s Pablo Valencia, senior manager of battery life cycle management, has said that when an electric vehicle battery reaches the end of its automotive use, 30 percent or less of the battery life has been used. GM plans for each Volt battery to last at least 10 years on the road and the batteries could provide power for energy storage for another 10 years.”
Although the supply of extra batteries is still “pretty small,” according to Valencia, “(We’re) looking at secondary applications as an opportunity to extend the benefits of that battery out of the Chevrolet Volt, off the road and onto the grid,” he said.

2007 Chevrolet Volt Concept Chassis


The batteries are able to provide back-up power for up to four hours in case of an outage, and store energy when they are not in use.  “GM said the combination of renewable energy sources annually produce the equivalent energy that would be needed to power 12 average households.