Software Solutions Let EVs Prioritize Green Electricity

In my day to day EV-themed interactions with people, I have observed a trend in thought: “EVs cannot possibly be as environmentally friendly as they are made out to be, because where does that electricity come from? It is at least partly generated by coal plants” and so on. On one hand this is a myth, as “unclean-power” EVs still tend to be more environmentally friendly than vehicles that use petroleum. On the other hand, there is some truth to this point/criticism; by optimizing power-sourcing, EVs could be even greener than they already are.

There is good news on this front. Companies (like eMotorWerks and WattTime) are beginning to form around and produce software solutions whereby a charging point will prioritize the cleanest sources of electricity starting with green methods — solar, wind, etc., then moving down to highest-efficiency traditional power plants.

Such software developments can only lead to good things. For instance, as green(er) electricity is increasingly prioritized, it will be traditionally inefficient plants that take the biggest hit — and who are most incentivized to develop greener methods of electricity production. It contributes to the momentum of an overall market shift toward green energy, from the demand side of the equation.

The greater the number of people who know about this development, the better. The sooner we can abolish misguided skepticism of EVs’ environmental friendliness, the better.