Classic Cars Need Electric Hearts

Classic American muscle cars are iconic for their looks and speed, but they have a dirty little secret only someone who’s driven one can tell you- they’re slow. Really slow.  Steering and suspension control the car about as well as a unicycle on ice. In conclusion, don’t meet your heroes.

If you’re looking for that old muscle car that actually might live up to your dreams, you’re going to need something custom. New steering rack, modern control arms, subframe connectors, maybe even independent suspension. Don’t forget the powertrain- that cast iron pig under the hood isn’t going to keep up with even the most basic cars of the twenty-first century. You could go with a modern combustion engine, but after all that work, time, and cost, the muscle car will still be slower than a well-engineered modern car. Unless you replace that old-tech engine with something better- a DC motor. Converting a classic to electric power just makes sense- it’s got the looks to die for but the internals of disgust. Replace the internals with a battery pack and motor and you’ve got yourself a hero that exceeds your expectations.