MarylandEV News Recap

The past couple weeks have been chocked full of EV news. Here is Maryland EV’s very own recap:

Tesla Launches Model X: Elon Musk introduced us to the Model X SUV this week with Falcon wing doors, third row seating, a 257 mile range, and even a Bioweapon Defense Mode. But after the dust settled and the first 6 SUVs were delivered, not all was rosey as it should have been- Scientists have already said that the claimed data behind the cabin air filter is inaccurate and would not stop any Bioweapon. Others are worried about the Falcon doors’ hinges being reliable enough. Personally, I don’t trust the auto sensing doors- even if the falcon wings stop before hitting a roof, the car will naturally rise as people exit and the suspension unloads…









Mission Failed: Mission Electric, formerly Mission Motorcycles, has recently filed for bankruptcy. The flagship Mission RS was a record setting motorcycle that was announced with great acclaim. With a 200 mile range and over 100 horsepower, hundreds pre-ordered the RS. In addition, the company worked with Harley-Davidson to build a “LiveWire” electric powertrain for future Harleys. After around 13 million dollars raised, the company has filed for bankruptcy (while also facing a lawsuit or two). For anyone who put a deposit down, I’m truly sorry.









GM Investor Meeting: At an investor meeting held Last week, GM’s leading core announced plans to offer ride-sharing services in NYC and develop an electric bike for the masses. Ride sharing will help reduce emissions and vehicle cost, and GM said they can see significant drops in battery costs. Hopefully this will lead to cheaper EV prices and EV car sharing. The electric bike concept has yet to be released, but the announcement itself is exciting for city-going EV lovers.