EVs at the South Pole

In the near future, a hybrid vehicle will trek through Antarctica to the South Pole. While the hybrid is no Prius, its environmental impact is no greater than one. Nick Baggarly is an experienced traveler who typically moves horizontally in land rovers. Like many activists, he had an epiphany while sitting in traffic and made a goal to travel to the South Pole without fossil fuel. To perform the difficult task, Baggarly had two AM General Hummer H1s custom built with biofuel engines accompanying DC motors powering four independent tracks on each vehicle. The trek will be completed less than 24 hours after it starts. 600 miles of the harshest colds demands upgraded electronics to keep the components running, so extreme testing will occur before the expedition. A hybrid at the South Pole could be monumental as a test bed for extreme EV testing.

DSC00340 ZS-PTV1