Best Conversion Cars

If the car market’s EV offerings aren’t your cup of tea, why not build your own? EV conversions have been around years before automakers put out their line of all-electric vehicles. Here are some great starter cars to convert:

1970s Chevy C10: A DC motor under the hood connected to a driveshaft and a Dana 44, and as many batteries you can afford underneath the bed. When your friend with the diesel tells you how much torque his truck makes, you can laugh and explain the how force of an E-motor gives more torque at 0 rpm than his tuck will ever make. You’re not going to want to drive very far in an old pickup anyway, so range anxiety isn’t an issue.






1960s Cadillac De Ville convertible: With a giant hood and a giant trunk, you can add a giant battery pack and connect it to your giant motor. Drive around town in your giant convertible until a giant smile appears on your face.






1990s Mazda Miata: It’s got dialed-in suspension, has perfect weight distribution, and could use more power. Pull that old combustion engine out. The answer is always Miata.

Electric Car






1970s Datsun 240z: This Japanese sports car is the perfect blend between go-kart and vehicle because      it’s mostly go-kart. When your car has the ability to steer around corners as well as a modern sports car, all it needs is some electric torque to rocket down the straights.