How Does Tesla 3’s Rule-Breaking Design Fare?

Tesla Model 3

[Image Credit: Business Insider]


With almost 400,000 reservations, Tesla Model 3 is arguably one of the most anticipated cars in the automotive industry. Let’s take a look at its rule-breaking design:

  • Continuous Glass Roof
    The most dramatic feature – but also one of the most tricky designs. Modern cars need to pass a rollover test. Can the glass withstand the rollover impact? Or more crucially, will the glass shatter into pieces during the rollover and therefore further harming the occupants? Tesla engineers might have a tough time building this aesthetic masterpiece.



  • Central Touchscreen Without Instrument Cluster
    Even Tesla is taking cues from Apple’s minimalist designs. Without speedometer, will drivers feel insecure without knowing how fast they are driving? Or, without tachometer, will drivers feel more comfortable without insignificant information distracting them? Only time will tell.


  • “Mouthless” Front Fascia
    Perhaps only EVs can have such bold design. Conventional cars that run on internal combustion engines need the “mouth” for air intake to cool their engines.


  • 200 Miles of Battery
    Probably the most underrated feature of Model 3. One of EVs’ Achilles Heel is short battery life – and Model 3 just nail it.