Fight Pollution, Not Competition

Indiana lawmakers are considering a bill that would prevent automotive manufacturers from selling cars directly to customers. This effectively would stop Tesla from operating in Indiana because Tesla sells its vehicles directly to customers instead of through a franchised dealer network.

Tesla faced similar legal challenges in New Jersey, Arizona and Texas. Tesla claims that the bill is backed by General Motors. However, Tesla did not specify its source of claim.

General Motors responded that “Tesla’s insistence on special status could result in multiple manufacturers competing with similarly capable vehicles and similar price points, yet operating under a different set of rules.”

General Motors also said that it does support the bill and that it did offer its input in this particular case, but not responsible for the language.

The battle is imminent because both Tesla’s Model 3 and General Motor’s Chevrolet Bolt will compete head-on. Both cars will sell at $ 30,000-35,000 and will run at 200 miles per charge.

[Image Credit: Chevrolet]

But, should General Motors support the law?

As part of an EV community, I wish to see better EVs and charging system. As a consumer, I wish to see more choices. As a business student, I am excited to see more innovative and efficient business models.

With the Chevrolet Bolt, General Motors has embraced Tesla’s competitive challenge. Now let’s see if they can beat Tesla in the market, not in the legislature.


[News Source: Business Insider]

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