Chevy Bolt announces a release date


Chevrolet’s Bolt has been making a bunch of waves as one of the first electric vehicles with a lot of mainstream appeal. While a number of different automotive companies have invested in EVs or hybrids, none of them have really served as a competitor to the most popular brands on the market, such as the Nissan Leaf or the Tesla Model 3.

There are a number of key features have been drawing people’s attention. These include things such as a 200 mile battery capacity,  car design for mainstream appeal, and a car which can be showed off in deal showrooms. An announcement of their eventual release date is expected to come soon.



One response to “Chevy Bolt announces a release date

  1. Esta parte &#2c02;té8nica” me hizo falta, pero bueno, se entiende que en un taller dar estos datos es algo así como que inaplicable, y aun me surge la duda, antes de cualquier “valor” estos se definen en los términos “bueno” y “malo”, y aun no me queda claro eso, “bueno para quien” “malo para quien” por que lo que es bueno es bueno aquí y en China, espero pongas la definición de “bondad”

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