Up to $18,000 Off on a Brand New BMW i3 2017

Do you love BMW? Are you thinking about purchasing an EV? Hurry up! You may be eligibled for $18,000 off on  a brand new BMW i3 2017. New BMW i3 owners will be qualified for $7,500 off on the MSRP if they are the member of EZ-EV. In addition, the owners may be entitled to:

  •         A federal tax credit of up to $7,500 for buying an EV
  •         An excise tax credit of up to $3,000 from the State of Maryland
  •         After you have your new car, notify EZ-EV at (http://www.ez-ev.com/buyer/ to receive a $25 e-gift card – equal to 750 free driving miles!

This offer is for MD residents only and expires October 7, 2017.

Link to sign up for the deal: http://www.ez-ev.com/i3/