EV Futures

As technology advances, more and more options become available to the market. This includes even your personal vehicle that you drive to work each day. It is fascinating looking at how much technology has advanced, and changed our daily lives. As we talk about electric vehicles, the first thing that comes to mind, is the name Faraday. Faraday Future is an American start-up technology company focused on the development of intelligent electric vehicles. The company was established in April 2014 and is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. The company debuted its first concept vehicle, the single-seat sports car, FF ZERO1, at the January 2016 Consumer Electronics Show but did not announce production schedules. The company debuted its first production vehicle, the connected car based on advanced telematics, FF 91, at the January 2017 Consumer Electronics Show. Here’s the video to the FF91 production car. Only 300 “Alliance Edition” launch units will be available, with first deliveries expected in 2018. The FF 91 is thought of to be the new tesla killer. It is loaded with options which can be viewed through the FF 91 Specs link.

The key concepts behind EVs,
Michael Faraday was an English scientist who contributed to the study of electromagnetism and electrochemistry. His main discoveries include the principles underlying electromagnetic induction, diamagnetism and electrolysis. Faraday was one of the most influential scientists in history. It was by his research on the magnetic field around a conductor carrying a direct current that Faraday established the basis for the concept of the electromagnetic field in physics. His inventions of electromagnetic rotary devices formed the foundation of electric motor technology, and it was largely due to his efforts that electricity became practical for use in technology. Figures 1 and 2 below demonstrate some of Faraday’s experiments that contributed to the advancement of the use of electricity in today’s technology.


– by John Messiha